How to Sit for Meditation

How to Sit for Meditation

In response to a 2021 brief seeking a seat that would allow our client to comfortably maintain a cross-legged posture with knees below hips for an hour without back support, and without experiencing leg pain or fatigue upon standing, we developed the award-winning Oyster Wellness and Meditation Seat. This seating solution was designed from the ground up and is crafted to elevate your meditation practice and deliver unparalleled comfort and support.

Perfecting Your Posture
The Oyster Meditation and Wellness Seat is carefully designed to offer a range of postures that enhance your meditation experience regardless of experience and age. With versatility at its core the seat supports three primary postures;

  • Cross-legged with Braced Knees: Honoring tradition, this posture offers a modern twist on the classic crossed-legged seating position, typically practiced on the floor. By elongating the posture, we maintain perfect spinal alignment while alleviating stress on the hips and knees.
  • Cross-legged with Unsupported Knees: Encouraging freedom of movement and airflow, this posture fosters openness and ease, enriching your meditation practice. Removing the knees from bracing creates a unique suspended feeling for your thighs and knees, further reducing stress. It is unlike anything you have ever tried and is my preferred way to sit.
  • Feet on the Floor: Grounded and steady, this posture enhances stability and balance, enriching your meditation experience. Ideal for users accustomed to sitting in a chair with their feet planted firmly on the floor.
  • Versatility: The seats spacious design invites users to experiment with other postures to find the most comfortable one for your routine.

Comfort and Support Redefined
The Oyster Meditation and Wellness seat was developed from the ground up in collaboration with exercise physiologist Jesse Schwartzman. This partnership ensured that our concept of comfort aligned perfectly with physiologically correct posture, resulting in a seat that offers optimal support and alignment.

  • Core Support: The seat offers core support without exerting pulling or pushing forces on the sacrum and lower back. External hip rotation stabilizing forces on the trunk ensure optimal support and alignment.
  • Freedom of Movement: Featuring a gap under the thigh, the seat allows for unrestricted movement and airflow, preventing any sensations of confinement during extended meditation sessions.
  • Optimal Alignment: By positioning the knees below the hips, the seat facilitates hip external rotation, preserving the lumbar spine's natural optimal curve. This alignment minimizes strain and promotes a seamless flow of energy.
  • Stable Base: Providing a soft yet firm base of support for the SITS bones, the seat prevents a sagging pelvis that may lead to discomfort over time. Unlike sitting on a yoga ball, the Oyster seat offers unparalleled stability and support.

Handmade Excellence
Each Oyster Wellness and Meditation Seat is completely handcrafted in our New York studio. Custom-formulated foam provides firm, durable support, while luxury fabrics and fine upholstery creates a piece that is as beautiful as it is functional.

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