Oyster Meditation Cushion

For more than a year, Oyster Studio Furniture worked with an avid meditator who was looking for a cushion that would allow them to sit comfortably for hour-long meditation sessions and cause no discomfort upon standing.

We identified the problems plaguing existing chairs. The design flaws are many…

  • Seats that do not allow the hips to externally rotate freely, which cause an unnatural posterior pelvic tilt (scoop) and put pressure on the lower back and hip flexors;
  • Materials that are too soft for the user to feel a firm connection to the SITS bones
  • Poor foot positioning, resulting in ankles either feeling too loose or too squished.

...the list goes on and on.

  • Singular Goal

    We started our design from scratch, sketching individual elements to ensure minimal stress on the legs, ankles, and hips, and to encourage natural spinal alignment. Our sketches came to life with foam block drafts.

  • Expert Advisement

    We underwent multiple cushion iterations – refining each test version under the advisement of renowned exercise physiologist Jesse Schwartzman.

  • Global Project

    Alex traveled to Costa Rica with the cushion for further test sits by the client – and we achieved our goal!

  • First Prototype

    Upon returning, we made our first true prototype.

  • American Made

    We worked with top American pattern and mold makers to batch manufacture our product.

  • Success!

    The Oyster Meditation Cushion is the first-of-its-kind chair -- truly comfortable, ergonomic, and backless, allowing for long sits without the distraction of discomfort.

Your spine has a “learned” posture and comfortable stability strategy. The Oyster Meditation Cushion allows for comfortable and long sits by bolstering your unique posture by allowing your body to fall naturally – supported by the stability forces of your natural hip outward rotation.

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