Elevate Your Comfort and Well-Being

Our journey began with a passionate meditator's quest for a cushion that would allow for long sits without discomfort when standing. Collaborating with esteemed physiologist Jesse Schwartzman, we uncovered the issues that plagued existing options: pressure on the lower back, hip flexor strain, poor foot positioning, and the lack of a firm connection with the SITS bones.

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Versatile and Ergonomic

After a meticulous design journey focused on ergonomics, we proudly present our meditation seat, handcrafted in Westhampton Beach, New York. Designed to minimize stress on legs, ankles, and hips while promoting natural spinal alignment, it's the result of two years of rigorous development and iterative testing with serious meditators from New York to Costa Rica.

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More Than Just a Cushion

Our ergonomic design stacks the head, shoulders, and hips, facilitating a stable, natural upper-back extension and head alignment. It also incorporates a gap under the thigh, enabling freedom of movement and airflow. Whether for meditation, office work, relaxation, or travel, our cushion offers versatile seating options. Experience improved well-being, enhance your workday, and elevate your guests' comfort in commercial settings with the Oyster Meditation Cushion. Explore a new dimension of comfort with Oyster Wellness.

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