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Oyster Studio Furniture

Oyster Meditation Seat

Oyster Meditation Seat

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The Oyster Meditation Seat, winner of Best of Year in Interior Design Magazine for 2023, is the result of a collaboration between Oyster Studio Furniture and renowned exercise physiologist, Jesse Schwartzman, MS, RD, ACSM CPT. Together, we've designed this seat to help you achieve the perfect posture.

By stacking the head, shoulders, and hips in a way that allows for stable, natural upper-back extension and head alignment, our seat helps you maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting position. Unlike traditional seating options that can cause pulling and pushing forces on the sacrum and lower back, our seat takes advantage of external hip rotation stabilizing forces on the trunk, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

We've incorporated a gap under the thigh that creates one point of contact on the shin and ankle, which allows for freedom of movement and airflow while preventing a cramped sensation. Plus, with the knees positioned below the hips, the hips can externally rotate, so the lumbar spine keeps its natural optimal curve.

Our seat provides your SITS bones with a soft but firm base of support, preventing a sagging pelvis that can cause stress and pain over time – unlike sitting on a yoga ball. The seat's shape and size allow you to explore other archetypal postures as well.

This seat is optimized for meditation, whether sitting cross-legged or backless with feet on the floor. You can sit for extended meditation and sitting sessions more than one hour with minimal stress or discomfort on standing. It is a great choice for people with reduced flexibility in their hips where traditional seating or sitting on the floor is simply not possible.

Proudly designed and made in our Westhampton Beach studio.

Please contact us for bulk or commercial orders. Lead time to be confirmed upon inquiry.

Commercial grade fabric options, see below or contact us for specifications.


Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam, Formaldehyde-Free Plywood, Vinyl, and Fabric

Fabric Options: High Durability Vinyl Coating, Basket Weave, Ultrasuede, Metaphores Boucle, Donghia 100% Mohair


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30.75 x 30.25 x 16.85 inches

Fabric Information

Kravet Basket Weave:
Made In China
Composition: Polyester - 80%, Viscose - 20%
Abrasion Test 1: Wyzenbeek Wire Mesh - 51,000 Double Rubs
Cleaning: Solvent And/Or Water-Based Cleaners

Kravet Design Ultrasuede:
Made In Japan
Composition: Recycled Polyester - 80%, Polyurethane - 20%
Abrasion Test 1: Wyzenbeek Cotton Duck - 200,000 Double Rubs
Cleaning: Solvent And/Or Water Based Cleaners

Metaphores Zanzibar:
Made in France
Composition: Wool - 22%, Linen - 73%, Polyester - 5%
Martindale: 25,000 Cycles
Cleaning: Dry Clean

Metaphores Meteorite:
Made in France
Composition: Cotton - 30%, Linen - 14%, Polyamide - 1%, Polyester - 11%, Viscose 44%
Martindale: 55,000 Cycles
Cleaning: Dry Clean

Metaphores Olympie:
Made in France
Composition: Cotton - 26%, Linen - 22%, Viscose - 52%
Martindale: 35,000 Cycles
Cleaning: Dry Clean

Donghia 100% Mohair:
Made In Netherlands
Composition: Mohair - 100%
Abrasion Test 1: Martindale - 90,000 Cycles
Cleaning: Vacuum Or Brush Only

Loro Piana Hamilton:
Made in Italy
Composition: Linen - 54%, Cashmere - 46%
Martindale: 17,000 Cycles
Cleaning: Dry Clean

Care Instructions

Varies depending on fabric, instructions will be included specific to your chosen fabric.


If you have any questions, would like to inquire about commissioning a piece or want more information please do not hestitate to contact us.

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