About Us

Alex became interested in furniture during college while on his school’s croquet team. St. John's College's team had almost a running contest as to who had the prettiest croquet mallet. In trying to find the prettiest piece of wood for his own mallet and helping his teammates select their own, Alex became immersed and fascinated with wood. His interest grew and he started building furniture and croquet mallets in his college apartment. To refine his skills and get a more formal understanding of design and furniture making, Alex moved to England where he studied at Williams & Cleal furniture school. He was there for 6 months until the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but what he learned there would propel him into his into career back in the US. Having been inspired by the scenery of the West Country; his designs and drawings very often will reflect landscapes and objects he saw while abroad.

Alex wound up moving to Westhampton Beach NY and established a studio, where he specializes in custom-designed furniture and product design. Melding traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing, Oyster Studio Furniture has cultivated partnerships with a variety of industry leaders in custom fabrication, 3D printing, and digital printing. These partnerships allow him to offer our customers truly a blank canvas where anything we can draw up, we can produce. Whether that be complex organic shapes coated in metals or dining tables with vibrant aluminum prints inlaid into the top.

From brief to delivery, we work in close connection with our customers and will travel globally to provide updates and go over important aesthetic and technical details. First and foremost, we are problem solvers, listening to our customer’s needs and designing attractive and functional objects to meet specific goals. For example, an ongoing project was to develop a meditation chair, where the sitter is sitting upright and cross-legged with their knees lower than their hips, with the aim of holding this position comfortably for meditation sessions for more than an hour. The goal was to get up from an hour-long session without any leg strain or fatigue. Over the course of 10 months of development working closely with a physiologist, we were able to achieve our goal. Please get in touch to discuss potential projects and we look forward to working with you during the life of your object, from inception to annual maintenance and repairs.

Alex Muradian and the Studio